Gazelle CORPORATION SAC, is a reputable company with an experience of 22 years of service personnel transport, crew transport various institutions airlines, crew transport airlines, tourist transportation.


• "To be recognized as the best company personnel carrier in the country, based on its strategic alliances and a policy of continuous improvement."


"We are a company committed to providing service to our customers and users a personnel carrier, with a high standard of quality, timeliness, and security, fully meeting their expectations."


• Responsibility: The tasks and duties that have been assigned to, comply in a timely, effective and efficient. Responding for our actions and accept the consequences thereof.

• Commitment: We have the strength and conviction to achieve organizational goals and objectives, our work must be based on an effort to improve daily.

• Safety: Our units have a permanent monitoring system. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year our units maintain direct communication with our headquarters. On domestic policy periodically review and pass our drivers are constantly evaluated and trained.

• Availability: We are people with a spirit of service to our clients and customers, suppliers and colleagues.

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